Au-Pair Chile

About Chile

Chile really is a wonderful country with numerous attractions. From the dry desert in the north of the country to the glaciers in the very south, there are many nature phenomenons to discover. It does not matter if you prefer to do a hike in your leisure time, or whether you want to relax on the beach, your target place is never far away.

Chile is the most developed country in South America and very stable – politically as well as economically. Especially in and around Santiago, where most of our host families live, you do not have to cut down on many conveniences. There are big shopping malls, traditional markets, international restaurants, as well as typical Chilean taverns.

Chile is strongly influenced by European migrants who started settling in the country, especially in central and southern Chile, during the 1800s. Several buildings, monuments, street signs and dishes in the Chilean cuisine certainly demonstrate that the country’s culture has been heavily influenced by European heritage.
In every corner of Chile, you will discover many new things and will fall in love with the friendly wonderful people of Chile.