Au-Pair Chile

Am I an Au-Pair?

au-pair-in-chile-01You are thinking about spending some time abroad as an Au-Pair, but you are still asking yourself if you are qualified for this work?

It is very important that you will bring with you a large amount of motivation, tolerance, adaptability, productivity and flexibility, since you will be faced with new situations, partake in interactions with new people and be placed in new circumstances. Furthermore, it is important that you can deal with a certain level of frustration, since things in Chile may function differently as they do where you are from.

The good news is you will further develop these characteristics once you have started your stay abroad, since this is what leaving home is all about after all! The experience is all about learning more about yourself and developing these so called soft skills. Therefore, it is not necessary to have all the above mentioned qualifications completely mastered (no one does!) but you should be open to improvement and to willing to adapt to a different life style.

A very important tip from the editors: always keep in mind that a stay abroad is not about keeping your accustomed competences, but about expanding your horizon, broadening your tolerance level and maturing personally. To always compare your stay abroad as better or worse then your home life is poison for your success in another country. Be free and let your new life take its turn!

We are often asked if prior experience as an Au-Pair or in child care is required for the participation in our program. This is not necessary, however, you should obviously like children and have an outgoing personality. Additionally, helpfulness, reliability and a high degree of responsibility are very valuable characteristics for being an Au-Pair.