Au-Pair Chile

Reasons to be an Au-Pair

1. You will dive into a new culture!

As an Au-Pair, you will support the host family with the child care and education, while living with them, which will allow you to experience life as a local while living abroad.

2. You will further develop your personality!

The Au-Pair experience in Chile will provide you with life-enriching experiences that will enable you to further develop your personality, social skills, and strengthen your sense of responsibility. You will also learn how to adapt to new circumstances and habits by interacting with other people and cultures. All of these experiences make of this program a unique opportunity to achieve a higher level of personal development.

3. You will learn a lot about yourself!

The Au-Pair program will give you the chance to discover unknown skills by exposing you to other cultures, languages, values, behaviors and attitudes. This life-changing experience will stay with your forever!

4. You will learn a new language!

During your Au-Pair program you will have the chance to interact with native Spanish speakers on a daily basis, improving your Spanish skills significantly. There is nothing better than learning a language in the country where it is actually spoken. Most Chileans get very excited about helping you to improve your Spanish skills and support you to better understand the Chilean slang, which is shaped by funny words and expressions.

5. The special plus in your resume!

Participating in an international program will enrich your resume and make it more attractive for employers. In today’s challenging job market, our Au-Pair program will provide you with a competitive advantage in comparison to other applicants.

6. You will have a lot of fun!

As an Au-Pair you will live an unforgettable experience and have lots of fun. Either by watching the children, or while going on fun activities with your friends, your time in Chile will be filled with lifelong memories.