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Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are loved by the children – and „feared” by the parents, because holidays means the children are at home for almost three months and and can come quite out of step, as far as the routine is concerned.
In addition, of course, the parents have to continue working until their own summer vacation, which makes logistics rather difficult.

So what to do so that the little ones are well looked after and don´t get bored? As one of our Au Pairs, your host family decided to entrust their children to you. If you are lucky, the familly summer holidays are still to come and your host family will take you along…

Here are some ideas fort he time you are in charge of the children in Santiago:

  • Adventure camp in the garden: Set up a tent, if available, otherwise a construction of blankets and poles will do as well – children are very creative – put some pillows and picnic in and the garden transforms into in a wild jungle. The kids turn into explorers and you maybe into in a wild cat something similar … Use agnifying glasses and jam jars for insect watching as well as block and pens to record the discoveries. Sleeping outside on a hot summer night can also be a great adventure.Wasserspiele PA
  • Water fun at Parque Araucano: Especially in work days in the morning, the Parque Araucano is quite empty, so you it is easy and safe to supervise the children there. There are fountains, which shoot up from the grount to the sound of music, a great summer fun, even for the very little ones.
  • Kidzania is located at Parque Araucano as well: An artificial town where children can try different professions – and earn Kidzania money fort hey work. Quite a capitalistic approach, but the children get their fun 😉kidzania-santiago-1
  • Mission Impossible: When it´s too hott o go outsinde, start an indoor-adventure! Thread a wool thread criss-cross all over the room. Then distribute toy money or other prizes everywhere. The one who collects the most objects without touching the threads, wins!
  • Why not surprise parents in the evening with home-made fruit salad? It´s even funnier to make fruit skewers or creative motifs made of fruit!

Of course, the swimming pool always rescues the summer day! Most apartment-blocks and many houses have one.

We wish all of our current Au Pairs in Chile a wonderful summer season! For those who would like to become Au Pair in Chile: Contact us! We organize your Au Pair stay in Chile with a nice host family. Of course, ifyou feel your Spanish is not that good, we will also love to organize a Spanish course in Chile for you.

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